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I Look For A Man How to get your man to go down on you

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How to get your man to go down on you

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I prefer people that respond to this to be attractive and under 40. I'm up for anything fun.

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We asked sex experts to share their best tips for going down on someone with a penis.

Note that these are just general tips. Enthusiasm makes up for many technique flaws, and on the opposite side, performing hoow of obligation can rob the pleasure out of even adult dating Antimony most skillful technique. Slowly run your tongue up the side of their cock, tease him a little bit, then slowly take him into your mouth and gradually build up speed and pressure.

You can suck very gently and move your tongue over them as they fill your mouth, then grip the base of the tet and pull your lips slowly up the length of them to the head. On the other hand, biting yow gently every place else as a warmup to approaching the penis hot cougars in Rio Rancho be hot. Create anticipation and build the desire by allowing them to feel your hot breath and wet tongue.

Try grabbing his inner thighs. Try grabbing his abs and chest.

Use oil and try gliding your hands from his cock up to his heart in a massage-like motion, and back down. Bring out how to get your man to go down on you own vibrator and incorporate it into oral sex dowb using it on the head of the penis, the base of the penis or balls, or put the vibe up to your chin so he can feel the vibration through your mouth.

Also, ob can be fun to play around with dominance or submission and situate yourself physically to reflect those dynamics.

For example, the blow job giver could be on their knees or towering over the receiver, who could also be tied up! For obvious reasons, this is best done during or right after bathing.

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All rights reserved. Think of the blow job as if it were the main event, not just a quick pit stop along the way.

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No one likes a begrudging B. Avoid biting down or scraping them with your teeth unless they like it like.

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Thinkstock Images via Getty Images. Throw in some dirty talk, telling them how much you love their penis.

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Pay attention to other parts of the body too, like their thighs and chest. Suggest a correction.

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