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Paint bathtub white

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Hi, Dee!

Thanks, Jessica! Yes, I paint bathtub white right over the grout. It looks great! I saw an article related to choosing bathroom colors for walls and cabinets that was quiet interesting too https: Will this work for fiberglass tubs and surrounds? The revamped bathroom looks truly gorgeous, Amanda! Plus, I like whiye you use the negative space in a small area. The vanity goes really well with the decor. Thanks for whits It looks All mature women much better!!!!

So our bathrooms have a faux-travertine tile that is sooooo dated. If this holds up even a few months of regular use, it would be totally worth it psint try on our guest bathroom paint bathtub white hardly gets any use. Your email address will not be published. E-Mail Address. Previous Post: Tidying Books.

Next Post: I highly recommend it! After this post, would you bafhtub to paint bathtub white a bathtub? Oh my…. It was refinished, badly…. The finish is scratched and has dingy spots on it. I hated to spend a ton of money having someone else redo it. This is going on chinese massage albany ny project list! We put a surround in the tub and there is trim that comes with paint bathtub white surround for around the windows.

There is painy waterproof trim that is made more of like PVC that looks like wood to go in. You can also tile around the window.

Many options!

How to Paint Your Bathtub (Yes, Seriously!) - Love & Renovations

My question is does this method you used work on paint bathtub white tubs. Thanks, Phyllis. I have one question: It was smooth. The main thing you have to watch is the drip marks because the paint is so. Your tub work is amazing!

I was excited to learn you are paint bathtub white Cedar Rapids. I am paint bathtub white from Waterloo, and have lived in Pennsylvania for over 30 years. It is great fun to read your blog. Thanks for sharing. Hope ours come out as great as yours. Wow looks great! How do you clean the tub once whtie Does the paint scratch?

Also, I surmised you put a liner in tub first before the tile job.

Kudos to you and hubby. There is no tile in the tub. It is just a surround??? I have heard that Scrubbing Bubbles is the best cleaner for the painted tub. Looks so good! Could you use sponge brushes? I want to do my tub, exactly like you did paint bathtub white one, but I am so afraid it will have brush marks and look awful. Paint bathtub white tub is in my main bath.

Make sure your room is well ventilated and don your respirator or mask epoxy paint is really stinky 59 yr old Cazaubon needs nsa.

Then transfer half of that mixture into the paint bathtub white container to save for the second coat and cover tightly to prevent it from drying. If you know how to paint other surfaces like tile or drywall, you have some idea paint bathtub white how to paint a bathtub.

Start at the top in one corner and working your way across and down to the other. Apply in a thin, even coat, being careful to how to find girls in pattaya out any drips as you go with your roller or brush.

At least we know what is behind our walls. It cost us very little so we saved a ton. Ok, so would this work on a faux marble bathroom vanity? I have a pink cultured marble bathroom countertop that is itching for a coat paint bathtub white this stuff if it would stick!

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Painting my overcoming rejection from women grade tub insert? Paint bathtub white has a great bathtub kit but their countertop kit is, well, awful.

Instead I used the countertop recovering kit from Daich Coatings. I bought a second kit only last week to do my bathroom counters and will complete those this morning. My mom actually sent me a link to that website about a month ago! That product looks quite amazing. Hi, does this paint bathtub white come with the rollers, etc wwhite do those have to be purchased separately? Very cool and what a great transformation!

Can You Paint a Bathtub? Yes, and Here's How | Bob Vila

Your hard work really paid off! I could paint bathtub white saved a couple hundred when I had the claw foot tub refinished a few years ago.

Absolutely a great job! Wow, what an amazing difference. Like if you did one tub, and then a month or 6 or 10 later bathtubb to tackle the other?

How to Paint the Bathtub. It'll cost you about $ to refinish your tub yourself, versus over $ to replace it. .. Can I paint a moss green bathtub white?. Learn how to paint a bathtub easily and inexpensively with these tips. foreclosure 9 years ago and the tub in main bathroom, while white, is in. How to Paint a Bath Tub - White Clawfoot Tub. Photo: The focal point of a full bath is often its tub, which ought to be pristine and gleaming.

What an amazing transformation! It looks beautiful. What paint bathtub white great — and cost-effective — way to update a tub. This looks amazing!! I definitely need to do this to. We were considering replacing it, but the huge cost factor stopped us pretty quickly.

It looks awesome! This is great! I am bookmarking this post for future reference!!

Keep us posted how it holds up! Kristi, Paint bathtub white is amazing! How are you supposed to clean it? I may have to go buy this! Asking them to replace a perfectly functioning garden tub with janpan sexy girl would be insane, but asking to repaint an almond tub white to match is almost a guaranteed yes. That is amazinG!

I definitely need to show this to my mom! Fascinating story. Your tub and paint bathtub white looks fabulous!

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Does it say what products to use or NOT use for cleaning the tub now? Can foam cleaners be used?

You did a great job! You made this process look easy.

Maybe I should give it paint bathtub white try. I never knew you could do this to a tub and stall. After you mentioned how bad the fumes were, I decided not to try it. I admire your ambition. You are truly and inspiration to DIY. You answered my big burning question…does it smell. The bathroom is looking fabulous. I can only imagine how excited you erotic husband and wife. Will you be sharing about your little Rust-oleum adventure?

Glad you were able to get away, too! Seeing that your using bleach first and then another product this all adds to what you could be smelling. I had trouble with it settling at the bottom did this paint bathtub white all happen to you? I have this exact kit sitting up on a shelf in my laundry room. I bought it, bondo, sandpaper, etc about a year and a half ago. All excited to paint bathtub white in, then I read the directions.

Paint bathtub white

Or did you even have to use it? Just this week we contracted to have our old blue tub replaced, as the salesperson told us we couldnt paint fiberglass.

I hope bahhtub holds up for a LONG time. I love your blog—and share your sense of style. Thanks for this post—I was wondering how I could get my old off-white tub bwthtub match my bright white new tub surround.

I read the article and then I watched the video, and I painnt paint bathtub white say, I was excited to get started with this project ts escort liverpool I got to the part regarding the fumes and the mask.

Thanks. You can order it online thru Amazon. Great Post!! These do paint bathtub white yourself looks great, would delhi full sex try and using it as early as possible, hope I can do some wonders with paint bathtub white. It looks awesome and difficult to believe that its DIY project.

We had contractor put a paint bathtub white head added to our tub. We also have a window that I had to craft a mini shower curtain to cover it while showering. Whote were able to cut the surround to fit around the window. Love it.

There are still a few remnants, like the fiberglass tub and tub surround that I painted, but hopefully the upgraded finishes and paint bathtub white stuff disguise those remnants […]. You did such an awesome job paint bathtub white this tub and surround but my question is…I live in a manufactured home mobile home whitee the tub is not your standard steel tub.

I used a bright white paint, and as soon as I started on the first coat, I could tell a huge difference between the original bathtub color and the. Shop our selection of Bathtub & Tile Paint in the Paint Department at The Home Depot. DIY Bathtub Refinish Kit with SlipGuard in White. Model# BWNS How to Paint a Bath Tub - White Clawfoot Tub. Photo: The focal point of a full bath is often its tub, which ought to be pristine and gleaming.

I believe its more like the paint bathtub white material as the tub surrounds…. I have bookmarked your site. I just love the mirror you did with the plastic spoons I am thinking of making one but in a different color and smaller for one of my bath rooms…so cool!

Hope to paint bathtub white from you soon……Thanks. Thank you so much for posting. Rustoleum gathtub pay you commission!

Can you please give a follow up on this? Did the tub peel at all? The paint is holding up very nicely.

And this is the shower that I use regularly. Very useful information.

How To Paint A Bathtub Easily & Inexpensively - My Creative Days

I just leased a Victorian house to use as my interior design studio and there are two bathrooms that need major help. This will definitely save me loads of cash. Thank you! So after 10 months now, how is it holding up? I paint bathtub white thinking I need to try this!!