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To the both of us

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When do you use "the both" and "both? I must belong to a different generation!

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Why are the words carnapper, holdupper, and jetsetter used? Does the suffix "er" justify the use of these words when referring to a person? I've checked my dictionary and these words do not exist.

I've updated my answer oc include that the "the" botg is for emphasis. It normally seems to indicate exasperation or anger.

One would never say something like "I am friends with the both of you. You should wait 24 hours or so before accepting an answer - there is an excellent chance that someone in a different timezone will have come up with something better.

As far as answers go, this is one of the silliest — not to mention one of the least correct. Proof me wrong, I want to learn. Actually, you are very much correct: See Ngram. But you should edit your answer to make clear tthe mean that there is no noun in the to the both of us "the both horny Evansville Arkansas averagefor fun you".

Well, we tend to speak UK English in my part of the world. Thank you Understand you perfectly. Looking at 19th century Google books, "the both of you" appears to originally have been Irish. Alonelonelyor lonesome? Along or alongside? Alreadystill or yet?

Concerns about the usage of "the both of you" and "at the end of the day"

Alsoas well or too? Alternate lyalternative ly Although or though? Altogether or all together? Amount ofnumber of or quantity of? Any more or anymore?

both | Definition of both by Lexico

Anyoneanybody or anything? Apart from or except for? Arise or bth Around or round? Arouse or rouse? As or like? Asbecause or since? Aswhen or while? Been or gone?

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Begin or start? Beside or besides? Between or among?

'or 'I gave it to the both of them.'. I agree - it would be like saying "The all of us agree with you" - it is almost the equivalent to two 'articles' for. The example you give us would probably be improved upon by leaving the Is it correct to say "the both of us" as opposed to just "both of us"?. Is it OK to use "the" in the expression "the both of us"?.

Born or borne? Bringtake and fetch Cancould or may? Classic or classical? Come or go?

Consider or regard? Consistcomprise or compose? Content or contents? Different fromdifferent to or different than? Do or make?

Down, downwards or downward? During or for? Each or every? East or eastern ; north or northern? Economic or economical? Efficient or effective?

To the both of us

Eldereldest or olderoldest? End or finish?

Especially or specially? Every one or everyone? Except or except for?

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Expecthope or wait? Use 'the' after 'both' never before 'both'. Both the clients came to visit us today. NOT The both clients I bought both the books for my class.

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NOT I bought the both books I looked it up then in the forum to be sure and then you say it is ok the use "The both of you" I would like to bth exactly what is the right way to use the Both or Both the Many thanks in advance, your help is crucial to improve to the both of us English language. I would like to know exactly what is the right way to use the Both or Both the.

To clarify what we're talking about: We all agree that you can't say 'the both books' lf 'the both of the books'. Everybody's right. I think "the both of [plural pronoun]" is essentially a set phrase, constituting an exception to the rule.